Install fedora

DATE: 08/15/2004 01:46:36 PM

Finally, i install the fedora in my system to replace old debian.
but, why i wrinting my blog in english this time.
that’s because i writing this article on my new fedora system.
unfourtuanlly, i can’t input chinese on Xwindow.

Although on fedora, there are chinese input in buildin, but looks like have little bug.
especially, i can only using “zhu-ing"

that’s specially method using in taiwan (i dn’t sure students in this time studing it or not)

without this little weakness, the fedora is doing far more than i expect. Especially in Xwindow.
all libiary was installed, and easy to update.
you can have another choice to make everything yourself.

the install process is already near easy to MX-windows.
but on i opinion, graphics are more beautiful than windos.

if it can put my favor input method together, it’ll be perfect.



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